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President’s Update
Australia is going through a difficult time with more and more restrictions imposed, livelihoods in jeopardy and people’s future uncertain. I am not going to predict further doom and gloom; I am not an expert. As the saying goes “we are all in the same boat” and even though it will get tough for a lot of people, we are still lucky. When I think of the warzones in the world, like Syria for the past 7 years, Jemen and some of the African Countries; businesspeople there do not have Government aid, people have to fend for themselves. So, let’s not despare but put on our thinking hat and find ways to overcome this in a positive way. If you are stuck at home, maybe find something that you wanted to do for a long time and never found the time to do it; spend time with your children (parents seem to miss out a lot due to work commitments). This will blow over and life goes on. Stay safe and positive!
There is help available and I am certain that everybody has made notes of links to Websites or Facebook pages with relevant information. Your Chamber of Commerce is a member of the overarching organisation called CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland). I allowed myself to copy and paste some of their latest information:
“Yesterday we saw some wins for small businesses and more restrictions.
There was a big reprieve for businesses who pay payroll tax yesterday, however we know small businesses and non-employing enterprises feel like they’ve been ignored. Our advocacy efforts will continue to aim at securing commercial rent relief, wage subsidies and grants for SMEs under the payroll tax threshold.
The Prime Minster announced further restrictions across a range of business involving fitness classes, beauty salons, arcades, play centres while also limiting the number of attendees at wedding and funerals. The details on these restrictions vary, the comprehensive details can be found
This announcement followed the previously announced restrictions which immediately impacted thousands of businesses forcing them to make very difficult decisions. Our HR team created a ‘Stand down Toolkit’ which is a very comprehensive resource and one that could be of great value to your members. You can find it
Make use of these options for free direct advice:
·  Queensland Government Economic Relief  – 1300 654 687
·  Employer Assistance (HR) Helpline (CCIQ)  – 1300 731 988
·  Tax and Business Performance Advice (BDO)  – 07 3237 5999

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